Clearing Sale Services

Halcroft & Bennett are very happy to provide clearing sale services for owners of rural, residential and commercial properties. Being community-minded, David and Steven proudly support local charity auctions.

Upcoming clearing sales:

No sales listed.

Clearing sale procedures:

Before the sale you are required by law to register at the ‘on site office’, if you wish to purchase at the sale. When you register, you will need to present a form of identification (eg driver’s licence). At that point you will be issued with a numbered bidder’s card, which must be displayed for the auctioneering team each time sale goods are purchased by you.

Usually sale items have been advertised in the print media and/or on the internet. The goods are always on display prior to the commencement of the sale.

Services provided

Our experienced auctioneering team of David Thompson and Steven Colwell endeavour to maximise the return on every item for the vendor. We provide:

  • On site mobile office.
  • Our staff will book up the sale, provide tax invoices for the buyers, generate account sales and tax invoices for the vendor.
  • Co-ordinate the agreed advertising plan.
  • Receive enquiries.
  • Arrange caterers to be on site for the day.

Please direct any enquiries to our office on 02 6822 1444